Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Bali: day 1

This is a long overdue post which I have totally forgotten about LOL! We were in Bali earlier this year with great weather, sunny and hot!!! We were there for 5 days 4 nights residing at Park Regis Hotel in Kuta. This time around, we did book a 2 days tour to some specific tourist destination which we have missed on our previous visits. Just didn't want to waste the opportunity to cover it plus we would want to be near the beach the next time we visit Bali again... no more tours then. As usual, I'll break it down to a few posts but since it's long overdue, I'll just feature those which are outstanding in my opinion.
My brunch onboard AirAsia IDR 50,000
Here's what happened on our first day, nothing much but food and sight-seeing near the hotel plus some 'sour grapes'. Well, 'sour grapes' as we were disappointed with the hotel as we didn't know it was under renovation and the pool was out of order =.= They should have indicated it on Agoda or their website before we book ya... definitely misleading since they were promoting their pool with all those splendid pictures =.= So in the end, I've brought my bikini for nothing... didn't go to the beach much since it's quite far from the hotel and the pool was closed. HA! Thankfully our stay was a breeze after that with untoward incidents... the staffs were pleasant and did their best lah.
Got photo proof!
It was really nice of them to greet us warmly with rose petals and all but our room looked dated with some broken furnishing:

Had some nice street food though, photos below:
This is the BEST sate babi we've ever had but it's only opened on that first day we went!!! IDR 55,000 only!
After that it was closed for the remaining 4 days we passed by! It's about 5 mins walk from our hotel.
Sate babi was our appetiser LOL! Then after another 10 mins walk, we had babi guling! A must when in Bali!
We just tried this shop by the street randomly.
Thankfully not bad and the gravy was really spicy! IDR 110,000 for 2 pax.

I honestly didn't know aside from tomato sauce, Del Monte also produced coffee!!!

We walked towards the beach and we were just in time to watch the sun set.
Finally the beach where we watched the sun set peacefully
Dinner was at another random stall by the street near our hotel. Can't recall what it was though but it's local food... yummylicious for IDR 175,000 in total.

Next: day 2 for our first day tour

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