Monday, 31 July 2017

My 45th birthday recap

I have been blessed with a loving husband who has gifted me a birthday trip away from home. This has garnered me a tick on my bucket list - celebrating birthday away from Malaysian soil! Though a tiring walkathon in Bangkok, I've so enjoyed it and wondering will there be another next year? LOL!!! After arriving and depositing our luggage at home, we headed out for dinner at The Foodies Cafe and hubs surprised me with a cake! And he 'serenaded' me with the birthday song! A first ya! *blush max*
Our yummy dinner @ The Foodies Cafe
Please excuse my auntie look as I wasn't expecting anything... just dinner LOL!
Tiramisu cake yay!
I am so thankful to have lots of genuine caring friends and relatives who sent their well wishes via Facebook, Whatsapp, Line Chat, Wechat and the many other social medias. I felt overwhelmed reading it all! So much love!

I have also received an unexpected surprise from a special friend... thanks so much Ai Jou! Your #cubecrate of love has brighten up my day!
Cubecrate of love from Ai Jou!
As grateful as I am for every thing positive that has happened, I did wished for my Angels during my birthday. Unfortunately, we were away and it wasn't school holidays yet... they were in hometown for school. So a belated birthday is better than nothing! Who would have thought they had planned with hubs for this?!!!
Nothing beats a book gift and a written note!!!
All in all, such a simple and quiet yet memorable 45th birthday... with abundance of love from every corner of my universe! Thank you so much loves!!!

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