Monday, 3 July 2017

KonMari: A relapsed

Finally, I have to admit it... I did not fare well in my KonMari challenge previously and I have a relapsed. So, having to redo my KonMari again, hopefully my last!

It is a coincidence that at the same time, the Facebook group I am in are conducting another round of 26 week challenge with a new schedule for newbies and repeat offenders like me! So here I am... going through my second round which I hoped will clicked permanently and never rebound after this!

FYI, June 25th to July 1st was PREP week - in preparation to focus on KonMari - where we have to:

  • read and review the book, Sparks Joy
  • vision statement ready
  • clean the house
  • sort and categorise all
  • discard and donate boxes ready

Those are my summary lah! If you are interested to try, you can join this group in Facebook, it is a closed group BTW:

Just a recap, my vision statement:
A clean, well-loved, welcoming HOME SWEET HOME.
Burden free, debt free, stress free LIFESTYLE.
Keep sparks joy, donate whole-heartedly, discard with thanks KONMARI.

So moving on next, weeks 1 to 2 - July 2nd to 15th - CLOTHES category including bags, accessories, costume jewelries and shoes!

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