Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Bangkok: day 3

This was a much disappointed walkathon at first as I actually have a shopping list for this day especially stocking up for my bazaar and crafts. I had planned for Platinum Mall and then Palladium Mall. After which we could dropped by Dasa Book Cafe before heading back to the hotel. Unfortunately, it all went south.

Platinum Mall has changed into a tourist destination with much touristy appeal. I could not locate much local products as it was 99% from China plus the prices have increased tremendously! Nothing wholesale was as cheap or affordable anymore. Also it was so crowded, filled with so many tourists especially from China buying China made products in Platinum Mall Bangkok. Hmmm... how weird is that! So in the end, we left empty handed, can you believe that??? Platinum Mall = empty handed!!!

Anyway, we didn't even go to Palladium as it's on the opposite side of the main road and we have to cross the busy intersection so in the end, we scraped that off purely for our safety and we were darn tired. We switched to Central World as we find it more appealing for us and there seemed to be many bazaars outside the mall which turned out for the positive... loads of local food and some local products... nice to browse through though a little too hot.

The plus point here which I truly liked was the overhead walk path connecting from the Chit Lom BTS station to all the shopping malls! That had me in awe! No need to cross the busy streets below, no need to rush for the tuk tuk, no need umbrella! Just walked across the overhead path in peace and shaded! So I was wondering when they will connect it to Palladium so that we don't have to risk our lives crossing that busy intersection!

Some photos here taken from that overhead walk path:

So near yet so far... passing by Palladium from opposite after exploring our options and decided not to cross...
We had lunch at Platinum Mall's food court first before crossing over to Central World. Though no more free tissues with high level of noisiness, the food is still good and is the cheapest amongst the food courts we have been to.
Platinum Mall food court
We had these yummy, fresh grilled prawns at the Central World outdoor bazaar!
After checking out the bazaars outside and filled our tummy with fresh prawns and coconut water for tea time, we went inside Central World and another walkathon ensued until we noticed the cinema! Spider-Man, here we come! You can read my full review of the movie here:
Spider-Man: Homecoming @ SF Cinema, Central World
Central World sure is a big mall! We didn't finished walking after the movie and just looked for dinner. In the end, we settled for MOS Burger as we never had it before and it's not available in Malaysia. It was steep in pricing compared to McDonald's but the burger was awesome! Crispy salted fries with fresh tasty patties, it was definitely way better, really delicious and good!
MOS Burger, Central World
All in all, it ended on a high as Central World made up the boo hoos we had. Also, we went to Huay Kwang night market before going back to the hotel. After a good walk and some supper, we hit the sack, not looking forward to the next day which was our last day in Bangkok. Sad but true.

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