Monday, 17 July 2017

Bangkok: day 2

This was the day I looked forward to the most! Well, it's the obvious since we are visiting TrueLove @ Neverland! If you've never heard before, TrueLove @ Neverland is a dog cafe where you can meet Siberian Huskies! Loads of them! We can touch, pet, hug and play with the dogs... such an endearing visit which had me pumped up!
The above info was Googled
We took the train from Huay Kwang MRT station to Ari BTS station and then walked about 20 mins to the secluded cafe guided by Waze. Thank goodness for Waze! Very reliable! Also we went for the first session i.e. 12.30 pm so it wasn't as hot as we reached just before noon and it wasn't crowded yet.

Upon reaching the cafe, we had to queue to buy our tickets plus filling up a form. After that we were shown to our table. Each ticket has a table number assigned to us so no free seating ya! The ticket costs 350 Baht and has 2 stubs i.e. 1 for a drink and the other for a slice of cake which have been included into the price.
The queue when we arrived... not sure why the photo cacat...
Our table no. 20... waiting impatiently while feasting on ice-cream cake and iced drink.

I have actually taken some videos when the owner was feeding them carrots... so cute and endearing! Not sharing it here though as the files are quite big. I've only took photos of this male alpha as he was truly a diva! You can see how clingy and cute he was trying to get extra carrots LOL!!!

After watching some rules and regulations, we were allowed to go in and I felt overwhelmed! Finally! Meeting Hachiko's distant relatives LOL!!! We took many photos but I loved this the most! This fella actually licked me jaw! I was so in awe, not relenting to let go after that but there were others waiting in line... sigh!
After all the furriness, we decided to leave around 2 pm before the next session starts. We called for a tuk tuk to the BTS station which cost only 40 Baht and took the train to MBK Center. As we were famished, after scouring the whole mall for BarBQ Plaza but to no avail, we have settled for this. It definitely looked different, something we never had before so we gave it a shot and thankfully, it turned out nice and delicious. Not forgetting, their staffs were also attentive and everything was served promptly. 2 thumbs up from me!

For more details, you can check out their Facebook page:
Sukiyaki Number 1, MBK Center
After another round of walkathon, we saw this small, unassuming cafe with the price half of Starbucks. It seemed local, not sure but the coffee was good with a nice hangout ambience to rest our feet! Can you believe that our total bill for 2 coffee below was 105 Baht?!!! So worth it!!!

Here's their Facebook page:
Cafe' Amazon, MBK Center
After we were done with MBK, we headed back to the hotel to shower and then go to Lemongrass for a massage before dinner. It was so heavenly having an hour of foot massage after all those torture of walking endlessly! We have always favoured Lemongrass due to it's authenticity and value for money plus it's just a few minutes walk from our hotel.
Dinner at another roadside shop ala big fry 'dai chou' style. We came here before in year 2013 but this time around, not sure if we were too tired, it wasn't as good... just average and a little more expensive.

Next: day 3 @ Platinum Mall

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