Thursday, 13 July 2017

Bangkok: day 1

I was so happy when hubby decided we should go to Bangkok during my birthday week so it's my first birthday away from Malaysia soil! Bucket list ticked!

When the day arrived, it seemed so surreal that I'm on vacation! Especially since I had to wake up at 2 am to catch our early morning flight LOL! This time around, we did have a few places in mind but in the end, we went to only a couple due to the weather, location and timing. So as per norm, I'll split my posts by days so there'll be a total of 4 since we were there for 4 days. Mostly filled with photos but those which have been shared on my Instagram will not be posted here again to avoid duplication.

Here's day 1, filled with photos for your viewing pleasure! After checking in to our hotel and had our filled of pork burgers for brunch, we walked to Huai Kwang MRT station to take the train to the famous 4 Siam Malls i.e. Paragon, Centre, Discovery and Square.
A blooming lotus on the way to MRT station
After walking around the malls, we decided to have lunch at Food Republic. The food here is totally yummylicious! Clean, quality controlled with many varieties of food, definitely worth exploring the food court here.

Even the toilet is so unique! Fantastic idea!
The malls here are well organised, definitely more concerned of customer's shopping experience with the appropriate tenants, displays and promotions etc. I was intrigued with this display in the middle of nowhere... then hub's hinted 'banana skin' + 'wet floor' = ???
Can you guess?
The malls are so supportive of their customers' tech savvy with such stations everywhere
Then I saw this signage when I was downstairs... curious me went up to check it out...

I really liked the creativity here
And then tadaa!!!
So many car showrooms right up here at level 4 I think! Don't see many malls with such tenants...

My catch of the day from the bazaar behind Siam Square for 200 Baht!
And then they had Line + Samsung Event!

All for 300 Baht!!!
Finally, after a tiring first day of exploring and walking, we returned to our hotel to catch a breather and bathe. After that, we headed to the food stalls behind our hotel for dinner. It's just 1 of the many food stalls by the roadside which serves yummy local dishes. And this was no exception as it was truly yummylicious, fresh, cheap and fulfilling!

Overall, our first day had started on a walkathon mode! By the time we returned to the hotel, I was just too tired to even noticed the noisy compressor and dozed off immediately! We had gotten a room on the new wing and the air-con compressor was really loud plus our shower head was not working that well with water not hot enough and then a hairdryer which was not working. Thankfully, they have allowed us to switch rooms to the old wing the next day! Thank you, Palazzo Hotel!

Next: day 2 @ Neverland.

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