Wednesday, 7 June 2017

MPOV: The Foodies Cafe

My rating: 4/5
Location: 17 Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6B, Putra Point 2, Putra Heights
Type: Halal

This cafe is located at a quiet lane near the Putra Heights LRT station. It was quite dark during the night with not many lamp posts nearby and most shops are closed by then. We liked the ambience hence we gave it a go.
Iced Granny's Garden RM9
Hub's ordered this pot of tea due to it's unique name LOL! Surprisingly, it was fruity nice! No need milk nor sugar ya...
Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio RM17.90 and Spaghetti Seafood Marinara RM17.90
Overall, food was average but incorporated with their own blend of recipe which tasted a little different yet nice. I would have thought that the portion was slightly small but then they must have used Angel Hair Spaghetti as it did feel very filling after that. Thankfully the ingredients were fresh... no fishy smell... good to the last bite.

Total bill inclusive of 6% GST was RM47.50. I liked the tea pot concept so we could share plus refillable hot water... cost saving for customers like me. Other than that, prompt and friendly service... server was also responsive and able to recommend the dishes well.

I definitely liked the ambience the best, the cosy inviting space which made me feel so at home. I wouldn't mind coming over for a cuppa or just to read or craft. Another plus point - ladies toilet was huge yet very clean!

Saw the wonderful bookshelf?!!!
Yeap, the first thing that attracted me when I walked in. It's written 'for rent' but then I didn't asked how it works. It's part of their motto to instil reading to their customers according to their response on my Instagram post... such a good initiative! By the way, I've dropped a free #bookonthemove too!
Kids friendly too!

Nice nook for reading!

For those who smokes or prefer the garden freshness LOL!

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