Monday, 19 June 2017

A victim of bullying

It first started when I was in Standard 3. My best friend then, L, had taken to pinching me all of a sudden. Whenever I said something not to her liking, she'll pinch me. As long as she wants it her way, she'll pinch me until she gets it. I have to give her all my pocket money every single day too. She claimed we should pool our pocket money and share during our recess time but that was not the case.

One day, I could not stand the pain of being pinched regularly and having starved at times during recess time, I had bundled my courage and told my mother about it. She was surprised and decided to bring me to see my class teacher the next day. As I was afraid, when the teacher brought L along for questioning face to face, I could not answer as truthful like how much I had to give her everyday. Instead of answering the truth, I played it down to only 10 sen. I was so scared she would pinch me the next day when this was over. I thank God that it didn't happened and I managed to avoid her at every single turn. She got transferred later on and I felt my life was in order again.

That was my first encounter with bullying way back then. All in all, I think it happened another 2 times... one was during my secondary school term. Then it happened again when I was working with a multinational company during my late thirties but I'll just leave all that for another time. Anyway, the recent incidents in the news had triggered this and brought back lots of unwanted memories which had been locked up in my dark vault for a long time. The feeling of being taunted at still lingered, felt fresh as if it was yesterday. I do not broached this topic easily as I felt ashamed, I do not know why. However, looking back then, I was a strong girl as I had the courage to tell my mother about it and even facing L then though I chickened out with the details. It was not easy but then it had happened with a good ending.

I was sad that the same did not happened to the boy who was bullied, beaten and sodomised. In the end, God loved him too much to let him suffer more and took him along. At least, he's not in pain anymore. However, I do hope justice will be served to those who had bullied, tortured and beaten him that day. Let that be a lesson to all bullies...

We are all humans, why do you have to act or behave or treat us otherwise???
Image Googled.
May your soul, and the others who were bullied and did not survived, rest in peace.

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