Wednesday, 31 May 2017

MPOV: The Klone and I

My rating: 2/5
Goodreads rating: 3
Published: 1998
Author: Danielle Steel
Genre: romance, fiction

Stephanie had a rat for a husband. But after 13 years of marriage and two kids, she was devastated when he left her for a younger woman. Suddenly Stephanie was alone. And after months of trying to find a little romance on New York's wild singles circuit, she was ready to give up, reconciled to just raising her two great, but outspoken, kids. Then a spur-of-the-moment trip to Paris changed everything.

She met him on the Left Bank. Peter Baker was a marvelously handsome high-tech entrepreneur also visiting the city. Stephanie was certain it couldn't possibly work. Peter was just too perfect. But much to her amazement, he contacted her when they returned to New York. And at the Long Island rental cottage she shared with her kids, Stephanie embarked on a bizarre and hilarious adventure beyond her wildest dreams.

Shy, serious Peter, chairman of a bionic enterprise, was supposed to be away on business. Instead, he's standing at her door, wearing day-glo satin and rhinestones. Naturally, Stephanie thinks it's a joke--until the truth suddenly dawns: this isn't Peter playing a role. This is his double! Calling himself Paul Klone, this wild, uninhibited creature isn't even remotely like Peter except for his identically sexy good looks. This uproarious novel explores the outrageous love triangle that develops between Stephanie, Peter...and the Klone.

In a wickedly funny, right-on-target look at finding the perfect mate in an imperfect world, bestselling novelist Danielle Steel reveals insights into the human heart that have made her novels #1 bestsellers around the world.

The above taken from Goodreads.

Another author which I can now safely say I do not enjoy reading her books. Her prose seemed long-winded at times or rushed at others. I can't quite grasp her notations and descriptions which made it hard for me to enjoy it more. It felt like she has a deadline to fulfil and this is what she has come up with. In summary, apparently it's supposed to be funny but I wasn't tickled and I wasn't entertained by those bionic stuff.

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