Wednesday, 5 April 2017

MPOV: Tian Yuan Claypot

My rating: 4/5
Location: Lot no. KLG08 (2), The Summit Subang USJ
Type: non-halal

A revamped restaurant from Ah Yip Herbal Soup and branched out with more variety than before. We tried the claypot ones and definitely liked it plus I had the chance to eat marinated pork with salted fish! I know it's sinful but it's one of my favourite Chinese dish!
Hub's ordered Claypot Pig Vinegar RM16.90

My yummy Salted Fish and Pork RM15.90
Overall, the portion is good and fulfilling... tasty and satisfying for me. The meat was tender, so flavourful and the vegetable was fresh. So enjoyed my meal that I am looking forward to try the others on the menu.
Total bill was RM36.70 including a mug of Pu Er Tea (RM3.90) and 6% GST, average priced and a satisfying dinner in my opinion. Not sure how to say it but it was truly a fulfilling... satisfying... worthwhile meal for me. I felt at peace having this sinful food! Gosh! I am even salivating now! Gulp!

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