Thursday, 6 April 2017

MPOV: Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

My rating: 3/5
Location: LG-71, IOI City Mall
Type: non-halal

A typical Chinese style kopitiam with airy, open concept hence it tends to be a little noisy when it's crowded. What tempted us to try here was the photos in the menu that were really good looking LOL! Maybe I was hungry too so a little deceived by those lovely photos...
Milk tea RM5.50; Snow fungus with longan and wolfberries RM6.50
My drink, snow fungus with longan and wolfberries, tasted more of snow fungus rather than longan or wolfberries... hence the start of my disappointment. Hubs has no issue with his milk tea though.
Signature combination dry noodles RM17.90
My meal with a good portion but both noodles and char siew were a little bland... not sure if it's intentional or ......
Crispy beancurd RM6.90; Char siew cheong fun RM6.90
Honestly, I should have followed hubs and ordered more dim sums rather than noodles. His meal of beancurd, cheong fun and pau were yummy, tasty and just nice!
Honey char siew pau RM5.50
Looking at their signage, they did mentioned distinctly dessert so I should have followed that 'sign' and ordered dim sums only. Lesson learnt here...
Total bill RM 51.65 inclusive of 6% GST which is a little over the top but for dim sum delicacy it's quite understandable. Overall experience was average but bearable. Serving was quite fast but with a mistake from the waiter where he blindly served us the wrong drink. Other than that it was fine and efficient with a pleasant experience.

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