Monday, 27 March 2017

MPOV: Dragon-i

My rating: 2/5
Location: G1-43 Ground Floor Sunway Pyramid
Type: non-halal

Hubs suddenly craved for 'xiu loong pau' aka 'small dragon dumpling' after watching Anthony Bourdain in Hong Kong =.= So we chance upon Dragon-i, apparently famous for this delicacy. However, our experience here had us re-looked at our options as this is definitely off our list in the future.

It was busy when we arrived but not 100% packed yet so we were quickly ushered to a table for 2. So when we were ready to order, we had to wait a while as no one seemed to be free to take orders and when we finally caught someone's eye to order, she gave me an impatient glare to wait. I was like WTF?! Ok, never mind... we waited patiently and she finally came over to take our order. While placing the order, she spoke so soft... apparently for her own hearing... and hubs had to verify a few times as he couldn't hear what she was asking even though she's standing next to him =.=
Anyway, drinks came...
Chinese tea RM3 (refillable) and winter melon RM6.50
Finally noodle came... tasty with lots of ingredients... not bad lah
Fried la mien RM22
This was shocking... such miserable, small and cold dumplings...
Shanghai small dragon dumpling RM11.50
Jelly fish with sliced pig shank RM20
Steam rice RM19
Overall, the food was not as good as we thought it would be. Nothing much to holler about. Maybe our expectations were high after many rave reviews but it turned out the opposite for us. Also, the waitress didn't bother to recommend their deal or dish of the day... suddenly I saw this RM1 chicken promo on the next table =.=

Our total bill was not cheap... paying for an expensive meal but getting a so so service and so so food. Thankfully it was fresh. Total was RM92.40 also inclusive of 2 wet towels, 10% service charge and 6% GST! Maybe we started off with the wrong footing but this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience... not a once in a blue moon treat one... first and last for me for sure.

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