Thursday, 16 February 2017

MPOV: Lim Ko Pi

Type: Non-halal
Location: G-23 & G29 Da:Men Mall USJ 1
My rating: 3/5

I've always been captivated by this shop's name = Lim Ko Pi = which literally translated from Hokkien means 'drink coffee' LOL! Well, it does have an authentic Oriental facade with many vintage Chinese decors and even the menu has that Chinese feel to it. Not forgetting our utensils LOL! We were served with vintage cutlery and plates!

My lunch set: Stew pork curry rice with Chinese tea RM9.90
There were 5 of us so below were our orders:
Half boiled eggs RM3.50
Triple meat noodle RM10.50
Braised drunken chicken noodle RM18
Lunch set: Buttermilk chicken rice RM12.90 x 2 = RM25.80
Iced coffee 98 RM5.50
Iced tea RM5
Total inclusive of GST and 10% service charge RM80.70

Overall, the lunch sets were affordable and it comes with Chinese tea. We can top up RM2.50 for coffee or tea. Ala carte seemed a little pricey like the drunken chicken and drinks. Taste wise, the rest of my compatriots were ok with theirs. However, my stew pork curry was nothing like stew pork. Though the curry was nice, the pork was hard! If the meat has been stewed long enough, it would have been tender, chewy and tastier. This one left an un-impressionable taste for me. I guess it's not my cup of tea.

Other than that, the service was efficient and prompt. I liked that the staffs were local and they speak fluent English aside from Mandarin. With the cool ambience, we did enjoy chatting and loafing there.

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