Wednesday, 8 February 2017

MPOV: Caffe Pascucci

A lovely cafe with warm ambience and courteous staff. I was lightly surprised that the staff was even willing to recommend and introduce their menu efficiently. They know their products, mind you, definitely left a good impression for me.
Their creative menu
Loving the clean lines and creative decor
Nice wall art
Our yummy tea break
What we have ordered:
Iced Coffee RM9.43
Regular Latte RM8.49
Caramel Honey Toast RM15.09
Total including 6% GST RM 35

Overall, I loved this place! Though a little over the top, this is a nice place to go for a small treat once in a blue moon, to reward self. Toast was splendidly tasty and not too sweet, just nice actually. Coffee... yummy coffee... what more can I say...

This cafe definitely left a very impressionable mark on my mind and I'll come back for sure whenever I have a sweet tooth + treat self craving :-) The quiet ambience is truly great for catch-ups or discussions with many comfy sofas. Highly recommended in my books!

My rating: 5/5
Location: Unit G-47A Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall

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