Thursday, 2 February 2017

Best timing to bank-in money

I seemed to be having a CNY hangover LOL! Yeap, still in holiday mood even though I've started working since February 1st... 5th day of the lunar new year.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this chart which was shared to me in Whatsapp:
Not sure how accurate this is but you can give it a try!

Li Chun as described in Wikipedia:-
Lichun traditionally signifies the beginning of spring in East Asian cultures. Chinese New Year is celebrated around this time. Farmers often celebrate the beginning of Lichun with special village events, worship and offerings to the gods and ceremonies for a blissful and prosperous new year. In China, people eat chunbing (春餅) on this day.

In the lunisolar calendar, New Year's Day might be before or after Lichun. A year without Lichun is called 無春年 (no spring year). 無春年 is also known as 寡婦年 (widow year) in northern China or 盲年 (blind year) in southern China. Marriage is believed to be unlucky in a year without Lichun.

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