Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Phuket: day 3 - scenes

This will be the final post for Phuket, a simple post with loads of photos of the scenes around Patong beach/ town. Since it's our 3rd day there, it's a free and easy kind of day for us with cloudy/ dry weather and gloomy sky though it didn't rain then. During the day, the town looked dead but towards the evening, you can see it becoming alive, slowly but surely. Unfortunately, I only have photos during the daytime as night time was just too dark and conspicuous LOL!

Poppa Palace Hotel

Lucky dog taking a bath!

Nice beach and friendly people though quite a lot of foreigners working here. Nonetheless, a relaxing holiday with nothing much to go about so you can laze around the beach more or the hotel pool. This is definitely more for beach bums and not for the adventurous/ explorers.....

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