Sunday, 8 January 2017

Phuket: day 3 - food

Note: This post is filled with food photos!

Aside from breakfast at the hotel which was included in the hotel package, the below photos were our lunch, dinner and supper from day 3... all from along the main road near our hotel... very convenient right!
Yummy filling lunch!

From this simple food stall
Unfortunately, so so dinner
with unappealing dish
and too milky sweet iced tea
from this restaurant
Thankfully, yummy pancake supper
from this roadside stall
With these canned drinks from 7 11
In summary, food from roadside stalls and kiosks tasted much, much better than those from restaurants. Honestly. Even the price is more affordable and worthwhile as opposed to restaurants. This is my own opinion ya, maybe I have not encountered a nice one or I have gone to the wrong one.

Next and final post of Phuket, it's all about the sights!

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