Tuesday, 10 January 2017

MPOV: Vanilla Cafe Express

Updated: finally found the receipt!

This will be a short food post as I totally can't find the receipt nor recall the price. It's a very small shop sandwiched between some accessory shops, in front of BBQ Plaza which served one of the best mille crepe I've ever had!

My Cappuccino RM8.90 but without the coffee art :-(

Yummy Oreo Cheese Mille Crepe RM13.90
We had some drinks, hubs and me coffee whereas Angel's had something chocolate, with this yummy Oreo Cheese Mille Crepe (I think that's the name). It was moist, with the right texture and tasted so enticingly good! Not too sweet either! So if you are looking for a good mille crepe, you can check this place out though not suitable for a big group as the place is really small.

Total bill was RM51.50 inclusive of 1 glass of Ice Cafe Latte (RM12.90), 2 glasses of Hot Chocolate (RM7.90 each), a cup of Cappuccino and a slice of Mille Crepe. Interesting tea choice but no regrets!

My rating: 4/5
Location: K10A, LG2, Sunway Pyramid

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