Tuesday, 17 January 2017

MPOV: Chili's

I'm not a big fan of Mexican food, except for nachos and margarita, so places like Chili's doesn't attracts me immediately. We thought of giving it a try since it's empty... usually there's a queue waiting but not that day.

Cit Prawn-chicken RM39.90
At first, when the dish arrived, I was a little sad that the prawn portion was minimal and the chicken breast meat was huge. However, I was surprised by the tender, moist and flavourful chicken breast meat! I have never tasted anything as yummy as this. I mean, usually breast meat is either overcooked or dry but this one had me finishing my dish!
Encha Pasta Shrimp RM32.90
Tasted of crunchy nachos sprinkled all over the penne. As the portion is big, I would have thought the taste would be over-empowering and might be 'muak' midway. I salute hub's as he managed to finish it.
Interesting signages
Total bill was a whopping RM 93.35 inclusive of 1 Ice Lemon Tea, 10% service charge and 6% GST. Definitely over the top, a once in a blue moon kinda treat! This time it is worthwhile with a nice ambience and good service to boot!

My rating: 3/5
Location: Lot G19, Ground Floor, Jaya Shopping Centre

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