Friday, 30 December 2016

Phuket: day 3 - hotel

Finally reaching day 3 and I'll post it by hotel, food and sights as there are just too many photos!

So to start it off, our comfortable lodge, Hotel Poppa Palace. It may sound unattractive and traditional but it turns out to be a clean and comfortable hotel, spacious with good customer service. Staffs were really courteous and friendly, patient with unruly patrons and attentive. They gave me a very good impression as opposed to other hotels with higher stars rating.

It's location maybe a little far off but it's only 5 mins walk to the beach, 10 mins walk to Bangla Street and 20 mins walk to Jungceylon Mall. Lots of sight-seeing and local food along the way, around the neighborhood. We truly enjoyed our stay here and we definitely saved a lot from traveling since it's just walking distance to where we wanted to go to.

Breakfast at the hotel
This is what I was so amazed with... it's the first hotel where there's actually a sitting room filled with books! Unfortunately, 90% of it was of foreign languages... boo hoo...

The resident cat :-)
We lounge around the pool the whole afternoon! So relaxing and soothing... though I can't swim, I did go for a dip... with a float naturally...
Day 2 was wet but day 3 turned out to be dry! We should have opt for day 3 for island hopping! Well, I guess it's just our luck then...

Next post, day 3 - food

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