Monday, 5 December 2016

MPOV: Transformation Game

I'm not in the New Age thingy... in fact, not as well versed either but when a dear friend introduced this game, I thought 'why not'? We were chatting one day when this came about... Ai Jou wanted to polish her mastery of this game as she will be facilitating it in the near future so she wants to practice it with a few close friends i.e. one of them was me! So I quickly jumped on the bandwagon as I was curious too LOL! Anyway, when the day arrived, I was kinda nervous as I do not know what to expect. Also I've not done anything like this before so kinda scared lor LOL!

Off topic a bit... it was held at The Artsy Craftsy Studio and I was truly amazed as it was my first time there! Though an art studio, it felt inviting, comfortable and cosy! For those who are interested to join the many art jams and classes, you can check them out here:

Look at those artsy stuff!!!

Cool doodling corner!
Once we were settled, let the game begin!

Setting up...
Midway we stopped for lunch!
The end!
We didn't have enough time to complete it as we shared and discussed a lot. Ai Jou was truly serious about it and ensured a detailed game. So in the end, we had to stop where she felt was the comfortable point. Overall, I have never felt so relieved and light especially after sharing my inner thoughts... definitely an insightful and enlightening process for me. I would love to complete the whole process from end to end but then it's time consuming. So perhaps one day when I do have the time and budget :-)

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