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MPOV: Arlington (ARC)

I've received this Advanced Reader's Copy from the publisher in return for my honest review.
The rich and powerful are all targets. A domestic terrorist cell in America has taken aim at politicians and the wealthy elite class to cleanse the government of corruption,  to stop the flow of money within the political system.  You can't teach a politician new tricks, so it's best to put them down. 
Arlington is about a domestic terrorist cell who hire a female assassin to target politicians and the wealthy elite class of America. Their agenda is to rid the government of corruption. The novel features the likeness of real life public figures and is set in today's world with concurrent actual events. It is a modern day twist on historical fiction.
For a start, I don't really read political books but this book is different. It's filled with action, angst, desire, with various personal agendas that made this book interesting. However, as this is an uncorrected proof, I had to endure the many typos and grammatical errors plus unnecessary fillers.

At first, the prologue had me confused especially with the gory violence, I wasn't sure what it's all about. After a few chapters in, I began to understand the plots and the many characters. It's actually filled with many scenes, there's a lot going on and at times messy. It's like so many ideas bubbling, trying to squeeze into a jar and not spilling out. All those shady politics, gory scenes and villainous characters are the shocking substances that made this book entertaining.

From Elizabeth Holmes to Lauren Powell to George Soros to Mark Zuckerberg to Barack Obama... a few of the famous people from the book but I like the intelligence named Agatha Christie who's quite funny and quirky.

From corruption to women haters to equal rights..... some interesting excerpts from the book:
*spoiler alert*

"With great success comes great greed" says George Soros
"A much better health care system" chimes Elizabeth Holmes

I wonder what's "I'm rich beyotch" as quoted by Jasmine. A typo?

"MK Ultra programme" sounded like the TV series Westworld to me. "They were all blank shell human beings that could be anybody the controller wanted them to be". 

This part was totally off for me "The moment Valery tried to move that is when all the pain but her at once. Like childbirth, the pain but in waves". But she's single with no children thus the comparison is so unrelated. 

Anyway, as the plot thickened, the more political motivated scheme of things, the adrenaline also peaked but eventually became a little predictable. At times, it's relatable since majority of the characters were famous figures. No offence Winston but if it's not rated as fiction, I would have thought it's a real assassin's project :-p

I do feel that the story line would make a great political science drama. I can imagine the characters, the plots, the advanced technologies and all but this book truly needs to be polished up before it's release next year.

My rating: 3/5
Goodreads rating: 4.13
Publication date: April 7, 2017
Published by Collective of Misfits
Imprint: 432 pages
Genre: political thriller, science fiction

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