Saturday, 3 December 2016

A Trip to the Wolf's Lair

Exactly 3 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to explore THE Wolf's lair! Please note that this will be a very long, picture filled post! LOL!

For those who didn't know the book club I am in, KL Book Appreciation Club (KLBAC), was invited for a tour of the Big Bad Wolf's warehouse. YES! The Wolf's lair itself and I was one of the lucky ones!!! When the day arrived, I was on 'Cloud 9 Book Heaven'... floating to the warehouse, smelling those yummy fresh books... one can never described the ecstatic feeling I had!

Took loads of pictures but too excited until some were blurry... obviously shaken ler with excitement! Anyway, the pictures below are self-explanatory LOL!

Registration counter where we also had to provide a fav quote
The path to greatness!!!

Look at them books, glorious books!

The Wolf's conference room
Just had to selfie with them books but my front camera sucks!
One with Ai Jou, my book best buddy!!!

A briefing and Q&A session with Mr. and Mrs. Wolf


I thought I saw my name... *wishful thinking*

Here's in the heart of THE Wolf's lair itself... so many unique memento's!

With Mrs. Wolf

With Mr. Wolf

So wished I could take that Harry Potter's Bloomsbury children's edition boxset home!!! Mr. Wolf didn't get my hint sob!!!
Back to the Wolf's conference room... our lunch awaits!
Simple yet yummy! The Wolf sure knows how to entertain...

With the Wolf's strong lady, Aumshree!!!
With Cindy, my KLBAC's penpal!!! Finally meeting her for the first time... so so so happy!
My sumptuous gifts from the Wolf!!!
These beauties were in the special envelope with my fav quote!
A tick off my bucket list! This is definitely a dream come true! I never would have thought that I'll have a chance to visit a book warehouse in a million years!

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, to Aumshree, Andrew, Jacqueline and the rest of the BBW team for welcoming us with open arms and making my dream come true! It truly inspires me and I sure hope we'll meet again!

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