Thursday, 3 November 2016

[MPOV] A Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2016-2017

Last year, I did a review of the Worthy Book FNB Edition which was so worth it! So many vouchers for redemption, easy and convenient. You can read my review of the food edition here:

Well, guess what? I've finally gotten the Worthy Book Ladies Edition!!! Lo and behold, the various beauty, fashion and health freebies and vouchers are so tantalizing... just in time for Christmas!
Look what came in my mailbox :-)
At frugal times like now where all prices are increasing, this book comes as a blessing with loads of savings :-) In summary, there are a total of 150 vouchers in this book which covers famous shopping and wellness brands in Malaysia... all in 1 book! From OPI to Sothys to Zalora to Photobook, to name a few, you can shop till you drop and in the same time save more than RM30,000 worth of freebies and vouchers! Also, this edition is valid until mid of next year!

Flipping through the pages, it is easy and straightforward to redeem. I can either use the tear-out vouchers at the respective outlets OR shop online using the special discount code... easy peasy! I have my eyes set on a few so finding time to check it out soon! Terms and conditions are stated clearly including where and how to redeem.
Though small but straight to the point
For example, Christy Ng's beautiful shoes... I can just login to the e-store,, selected the shoes I want and then enter the relevant discount code which I want to redeem upon checkout... hassle-free and convenient... now waiting for my package to arrive!
Some of my tear-out vouchers
Or another example... like Young Hearts' comfortable lingerie... I can just walk-in to the outlet at Main Place, choose the lingerie that I want and then redeemed the tear-out voucher upon purchasing. Just look for the correct voucher which I want to redeem and tear it out... hand it over to the cashier and pay the balance required. Nothing more, nothing less... straightforward right? What more can I asked for?

Interested? You can get this Ladies Edition from any 7 11 outlets nation wide for RM25!!! Book stores like MPH, myNews, Kinokuniya, Popular and Borders are also selling it :-)

Time to shop for Christmas gifts! Also self-rejuvenate for Chinese New Year! So frugal me won't feel guilty as I'll be saving a lot here!

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