Wednesday, 9 November 2016

MPOV: Claypot Chicken Rice @ Restoran Tian Tian USJ 20

Note: this is a non-halal dish

Food, glorious food! LOL! Anyways, we have recently discovered a hard to find... a limited edition... a scarce dish in USJ!

It is hard to find a good claypot chicken rice nowadays as it seemed the trade is slowly dying off. So when we found one which was kinda near our house, we were ecstatic! It's actually located near Main Place Mall and we just couldn't believe our eyes! I mean we have been passing by that road but we somehow didn't see it until recently!
We were early...
Old cucumber pork rib soup with claypot chicken rice
Overall, food was yummy... tasted like the good old days of traditionally prepared claypot chicken rice over the charcoal and hot steamed soup. The meat was tender and tasty... not over empowering nor salty... it was just right. I enjoyed it the most when it hits the bottom where the burnt rice are... I can safely say most of us are looking forward to those crusty bits!

The simple and straightforward menu
Available only for dinner, there are other foodstalls in this restaurant like lobak, sate and fried hokkien noodle which we have yet to try. This sumptuous meal was very filling so perhaps another day lah... they only served standard one pax claypot so we had to order 2 :-) Not forgetting, chinese sausages and salted fish are extras, upon request only. Naturally we opt for both!

Fragrant salted fish + burnt crispy bits = yummylicious! LOL! Also to note that parking was quite limited due to the narrow road so we parked a little further. All in all, it was a pleasant experience with a truly yummy meal... worth every penny!

My rating: 4/5
Location: 12 Jalan USJ 20/8C, 47630 Subang Jaya

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