Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Crochet: Octoblankie

Recently, I seemed to be having a crochet slump... just didn't have the mood nor enthusiasm to crochet anything. This is my last project before stopping to rest my mind and also my shoulders LOL!

I've created this and called it octoblankie... great for baby and toddler use as their smelly (chow chow in Cantonese)... simple and lovable at the same time! Why octoblankie? Well, it's 'conceived' in the month of October LOL! So octo short for October and it's a blankie! Hence octoblankie :-)
What I've used:

  • milk cotton yarns (7 ply)
  • fibre filling
  • acrylic yarn for eyes

Hopefully I'm over this slump soonest as I do have many projects in hand! *fingers crossed*

As this is my own design, a simple one at that, I'll share the pattern in my future post when I have the time to note it down LOL!

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