Monday, 28 November 2016

A Worthy Book: Ladies Edition

I have finally utilised my Worthy Book voucher! Since there's an online website and I don't have to physically be there, so why not? Online shopping is addictive and bad! Anyway, for those who didn't know, Worthy Book is a book filled with many discounts and offers. There are 2 types in the market, one is Food Edition and the other Ladies Edition.

You can read my previous foodie experience here:

You can read my point of view here:

So the kiasu me has already gone through the whole book and tore out the relevant vouchers that I am interested in. Unlike the food vouchers where I had to dine in, the ladies vouchers were more user-friendly as I can shop online! So when I was free, just key in the URL and sign-up for an account! After that, just start shopping for the items I wanted and checked out! Easy peasy!
Yeap, I've recently shopped for some nice flats and thankfully they have Christy Ng's! What's more... I can shop online! Thank heavens for that! As you can see, a variety of offers which can be utilised either by walking in or online shopping :-)
Voucher code: check
Sign-up: check
Shoes: check
Continue shopping: check

Another pair of shoes: check
Checkout: check
Voucher code: ready

Just typed in the code and continue

Successfully discounted yay!
Proceed to pay the balance

Order completed after payment
It's as easy as ABC! I don't have to get caught in the traffic jam or bad weather, all in the comfort of my home and laptop! This is definitely a wonderful shopping experience and addictive! Now waiting for my shoes to arrive :-)

You can get this Ladies Edition from any 7 11 outlets nation wide for RM25! Book stores like MPH, myNews, Kinokuniya, Popular and Borders are also selling it!

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