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MPOV: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Ever since he was a mere boy, Floridan teenager Jacob "Jake" Portman (Asa Butterfield) had been hearing stories from his grandfather, Abraham "Abe" Abe Portman (Terrence Stamp), about a young Abe battling gruesome monsters and attending a school for unique children headed by the elusive Miss Peregrine. The adolescent residents of the home, along with their headmistress, each possessed a unique ability known as a peculiarity.

In the present day, Jake works at a local drugstore. A coworker of his, Shelly, agrees to drive him home when Jake's father alerts him that Abe, now believed to be suffering from dementia, is in need of attention. En route, Jake gets a call from his grandfather telling him to avoid coming to his home due to an imminent danger. When they arrive, they discover the house to be completely trashed. Calling his grandfather's name, In the backyard, he finds a flashlight at the foot of a destroyed fence. He ventures beyond the fence, entering a forest where stumbles upon his dying grandfather, without eyes, frantically telling Jake to find "the bird, the loop and September 3, 1943." Shelly follows Jake, and as Jake looks up at her, he sees a gigantic monstrous creature creeping behind Shelly. Shouting, he alerts Shelly, who turns around and begins shooting her pocket pistol into thin air.

After the traumatic encounter, Jake begins visiting a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Golan (Allison Janney). Jake explains everything that happened that night, and Dr. Golan professes that it is not unnatural for Jake to hallucinate about the horrific creatures from his grandfather's stories as a result of his grief. Jake arrives home, finding a surprise birthday party awaiting them. Conflicted between the joy of his family's cheerfulness and the lamentation of his deceased grandfather, Jake seeks solace in his room. His aunt comes in and hands him a gift, telling him she found it in Abe's home. As she exits, Jake removes the wrapping to find a book. Inside the book, Jake discovers a letter addressing a young Abe. The letter is signed by one by the name of Alma Peregrine.

The above taken from Wikipedia.

I honestly do not know how to review this movie. I think it’s my first boo hoo as I've read the book first. I’ve rated the book 3/5, you can read it here. However the movie is somewhat confusing for me. Let me list as much as I could here... so spoilers alert!!!

Firstly, Jake's nickname in the book was Yacoby but in the movie was Tigersky? I know book to movie transition will be brutally compressed to fit it within 2 hours or so but a total overhaul of the movie was truly unexpected. I mean... it started off similarly to the book but it started to change midway. From there on, it became a new story line all together! Screenwriter Jane Goldman totally made it 'hers' and not Ransom Riggs anymore, me feels.

Dr. Golan was supposed to be a male but it started off as a female. Emma and Olive switched powers. The boat at the end had become a ship. Even grandfather became alive again!There were more but you get the drift...

Tim Burton was the right director for this movie as he's just as peculiar so I was a little surprised when the movie turned out differently, unlike his trademark. The plots were slow until towards the end where the momentum picked up. The children helped in making it a little funny but that was all. For those who hadn't read the book, this would have been a good movie to watch since they didn't know the difference but then again... someone actually slept and snore while watching this movie in the cinema ya...

Thankfully, I liked the costumes and how Miss Peregrine transformed into a bird... seamlessly. That was really cool. I can say the overall settings were realistic.

I was honestly confused when the movie ended. This doesn't feel like a movie adaption but more of a movie rights thingy. Like how Marvel comics evolved their animations. So please don’t set a high expectation based on the trailer ya... not sure if Hollow City is in the making but if they do, I'll have to think twice about reading or watching it first.

IMDb rating: 7.2/10
My rating: 2/5

Directed by Tim Burton
Starring Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Elle Purnell, Samuel L.Jackson, Judi Dench
Category: PG-13, fantasy, adventure

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