Sunday, 23 October 2016

Missing my tab...

This is just a minor rant as my dear Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has been hospitalized. Hence I'm 80% offline since most of my social medias are on that tab with a minority on my Apple iPhone 4S.

It actually got me thinking...

Imagine those early years when we were offline mostly and we could survive day by day without our gadgets. However I do feel helpless now without my tab. It has become an integral part of me that I rely on most of the time. With just Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp on my Apple, I do feel a huge gap missing from my daily social media life LOL!


Truly felt like a robotic life instead of a human life! How our lives have evolved from extroverts/outdoors to introverts/indoors?! Unhealthy lifestyle indeed!

Now is an opportunity for me to break out of my mundane, unhealthy lifestyle to a more meaningful, precious ones! And what great timing this is as with hubby heading for a new career path, we are able to spend more quality time together, working out a more healthy lifestyle! More positiveness in whatever we plan and do!

*clinking of glass wine* cheers to a healthy lifestyle!!!

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