Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lady Di's Hi-tea

Recently went for hi-tea at Diana's house and I was truly surprised with the load of scrumptious desserts she has prepared for us! It's actually a small bookish gathering among the few of us with book swaps and some simple games plus getting to know each other better. Surprisingly, even though I was not as closed with some of them, we immediately clicked! Cliche as it may be but great minds do think alike!

Anyway, while I was in awe with Diana's elegant house, I definitely enjoyed myself even though I couldn't ate as much dessert as I wanted to. I was just so engrossed with our conversations that I think I've over looked it LOL!
Yummy desserts, thanks Diana!
1 of the games we played and I've forgotten the name LOL!
Look at us clowning around! Ai Jou, Diana, Vivian and Selvi, thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon of laughter, bookish chats and interesting games! I've never felt more at home than with these beautiful, intelligent ladies! Btw, these ladies are from a book club that I am in i.e. KL Book Appreciation Club. I am so blessed to have known them, honestly!

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