Saturday, 1 October 2016

Art For Grabs: Family Squad! last Saturday...

I've visited Art for Grabs event last Saturday at The School, Jaya One. What I liked about this event is that it touches on humanity, handmade crafts and local artisans. There were 90 art and activism booths, featuring homemade art and crafts which I adored. This time around as my time was short, I didn't take many photos and just rushed around the event looking for what I want.

First stop was KL Book Exchange:
Met up with Gladys, the founder, as I've won a contest she had organized last July :-)
My prize... a book! So I was to choose one from her many books!
Gladys, me and her abundance of books!
For more details, you can view her Facebook page here:

Next, hunting for my cousin and finally found him!
Leon and me
Like me, he's also into handicrafts and he makes felt dolls! I think in both my maternal and paternal side, only both of us are into handmade stuffs. However, he has ventured into a different handicraft and now he makes pompom dolls! IT IS SO ADORABLE!!!
Can be used as a brooch or ornament... so cute right???
Poodle... poodle... every where poodle!
My adorable owl <3 br="">
To order or for more details, you can view his Facebook page here:

EOD, my books won and swapped

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