Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My top 3 favourite local arts & crafts websites

Since I'm into handmade, creative stuff and all, I thought I would share some of my favourite local nooks and hooks websites. It's convenient for transport-less people like me as I can just choose, click and pay with a few taps on the keyboard. Easy peasy. Also, the thrill of receiving packages can brighten up a dull day! Hence in this social media edge, it's good to know a few reliable and friendly online stores, to keep in handy.

So here's my top 3 go-to websites locally:

1. Fabric Fanatics
You can find loads of beautiful linens and what nots here! Once I'm inside the shop, it is hard for me to leave it... all those beautiful materials and sewing paraphernalia but my purse is crying wolf... sigh! They do have a shop in Summit USJ Mall so you can check out either their shop or website:

2. May May Handicraft
Another similar website, selling lots of sewing materials, it's available only online but the photos are as good as the real thing. Feast your eyes here:

3.The Artsy Craftsy
What I love about this website are the tips you can gather or learn from these creative people! They even conduct many classes at affordable pricing so you can learn lots of arts and crafts... definitely for the creative soul. You can view all those inspiring and colourful crafts here:

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