Thursday, 8 September 2016

Book subscriptions and more

I've recently discovered 'book subscriptions'. What's that? you might asked. Well, it is a monthly or quarterly subscription based of mystery book and paraphernalia in a box. We will only know the theme but do not know the content which is the focal fun point of it all! Imagine receiving a box of wonderfully curated surprise! Ain't it fun?!!!

The one I knew was in USA,, where total cost of the box plus postage will amount to RM200!!! So, so, so not worth it unless you are locally in US as it's free postage within. By chance, some members in the book club I was in, KLBAC, mentioned about this and now I know there are 2 available locally! So this is basically a shout out though I have yet to subscribe... I am still waiting for the right theme :-)

Bookish Bundle:
It's available every 3 months and the current theme they are offering is Fantastic Future which costs RM75 only including postage! Pre-order closing soon on 11th September. You can order it here:

The Raven Post:
Also available every 3 months and the current theme is Riveting Retellings that costs RM80 including postage! Pre-order ends 31st October and you can order it here:

Last but not least... this is not book related but more for the creative minds and I just had to share as it's so adorable which got me drooling for more!

Funky! Box:
Loads of creatively handmade goodies available monthly and the current pre-order has closed. It costs only RM65 including postage! I wonder what's the theme for next month... curious... curious...

Do check them out and you will noticed all the wonderful teasers! Jeng, jeng, jeng... I so loved their marketing strategy as this definitely enticed buyers! This is the focal point I wanted the other 'book subscriptions' sellers to take heed from this creative-preneur! Without good marketing tool, it is not easy to sustain such business... even Owlcrate does market wisely :-)

Click the link below to learn more...

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