Monday, 1 August 2016

Past the mid year mark

Finally, my birthday month is over, I am a year older but still living the same old routine. Day in day out. At 44 years old, I know I am too complacent as I am worried that I am too old to start something new. Being married with 2 kids and a furkid does play a huge role in my life hence rocking this boat might be unwise... especially since there are bills and debts to pay.

Why am I ranting then? You might asked...

Well, for one, I am glad to have known more positive friends who have shared their wisdom, either directly or indirectly, and I am absorbing it like a sponge... slowly but surely. It may not be easy but I am willing to try. After some thoughts, I know I have to start from somewhere so here goes...

Some of you may know that I do have an online shop selling ladies accessories/bags/clothes and mobile phones accessories. I used to participate in bazaars for a good 5 years or so but it was just too tiring as I am working full time as a System Support. In Malaysia, most low income earners like us require both spouses to work to be able to pay the bills and feed the children. Sad but true. Also, I wasn't making that much money from the bazaars so it seemed futile to continue this tiring routine. 

Anyway, I've stopped the offline bit as the economy started dwindling downwards since 2014. I've tried to revive my online shop but to no avail. To be honest, it is mainly my fault. I sucked at product photography, I got lazy to update and promote plus I think too much... too much of negativity which killed the aspiration.

And this year, after I've started to KonMari my house, I've slowly grasped and found my calling... wait for it...

Some may laugh at the idea of KonMari but at a time when I was soul searching, this was introduced to me by a good soul, Ai Jou. It may not be a perfect solution but it did loosen up the stiff air, liven up the house, getting rid of the stuck energy and finding clarity. It may sound OCD to some but it suits an OCD like me. I'm not trying to be a minimalist... I don't think I can be one as I love too many 'joy sparkers'! It is about finding the many joys in my life, right?!

Honestly, hoarding is a sickness which leads to much stuck energy causing more confusion in ones life. However, if everything you own is what you love, all the positivity and clarity will come to you. Just like the law of attraction. You have to try it to know and understand the effect. Trust me.

Well, back to my calling... I've realised I enjoy being a creativepreneur more... selling more handmade stuffs like crochet, cross-stitch and sewing products. Yes, this will definitely consumed most of my time as I need to produce more so that I can start selling! So I need to slow down my other hobbies like reading... perhaps managing my time more effectively. Also, I've realised that I missed art! Mind you, I'm not a good artist but I remember enjoying drawing and water-colouring back then. That was like over 20 years ago!!!

That was 1 of the reasons why I've started my Etsy shop recently. Though I'm not as active yet adding more stocks to sell and all, I've been getting orders from good friends who were kind and supportive. This did slow down my stock producing part as I only have about 2 hours a day to do it. It's not excuses ya... but I sometimes do wish I have more time for everything! Life is just too short with so many things on my plate with so little time!

So, once I'm back from my well-deserved holiday, I'll start planning, managing and hopefully able to start things off, slowly but surely. I've decided to maintain both my online and Etsy shop since both are selling different products. Also realigning the products since it's like haywire! However, I've not decided on which platform to keep for my online shop. I am fickle-minded so I had a few and managed to reduce it to 2:
  1. Http://
  2. Http://

It is a lot of work maintaining so many social platforms so I would appreciate words of wisdom and advice on how to move forward in the online business currently. I've heard of e-commerce similar to Etsy like Shoppertise but I'm not sure if it is worthwhile to move from a free to paying platform. The only plus point is the payment mode where credit card is accepted via Shoppertise and it's not available for free Wordpress blog.

I won't go offline as yet, perhaps towards the year end when the economy has fared better. Of course, we can't run away from social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram... need to realign and start promoting! LOL!

Pennies for your thoughts?

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