Monday, 8 August 2016

MPOV: Gone Girl

The day of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne returns home to find that his wife Amy is missing. Her disappearance receives heavy press coverage, as Amy was the inspiration for her parents' popular "Amazing Amy" children's books. Detective Rhonda Boney does a walkthrough of their house and finds poorly concealed evidence of a struggle. The police conduct a forensic analysis and uncover the remnants of cleaned blood stains, leading to the conclusion that Amy was murdered. Suspicions arise that Nick is responsible, and his apathetic behavior is interpreted by the media as characteristic of a sociopath.

Flashbacks reveal that Nick and Amy's marriage had disintegrated; both lost their jobs in the recession and moved from New York City to Nick's hometown of North Carthage, Missouri. Nick has become lazy, distant, uninterested and unfaithful. Boney unearths evidence of financial troubles and domestic disputes, and a witness states that Amy wanted to purchase a gun. She also finds a medical report indicating that Amy is pregnant, of which Nick denies knowledge, and a diary supposedly written by Amy highlighting her growing isolation, ominously ending with the fear that Nick will kill her.

Amy is revealed to be alive and well, having changed her appearance and gone into hiding in a distant campground. She despises Nick for the erosion of their marital bliss, her isolation after they moved to be closer to Nick's family, and his infidelity. Amy plans the framing in great detail: she befriends a pregnant neighbor to steal her urine for the pregnancy test, drains her own blood to leave trace evidence of murder and fabricates a diary describing her fear of Nick. By using the clues in a "treasure hunt" game she and Nick play on their anniversary, she ensures he visits places where she has planted the corroborating evidence of Nick's guilt for the police to discover. She anticipates Nick will be convicted and executed for her murder, and contemplates committing suicide after his conviction.

The above taken from Wikipedia.

This movie totally had me on my toes! It started as thrilling and then baffling and then gobsmacked and then chilling! So many thoughts and emotions running through me while watching this movie.

I've never expected the way it was screened. I had not read the book yet so I was clueless, only knew it's a thriller/ mystery. Gillian Flynn did a marvel job of the screenplay... it was well planned and plotted with so much gist and in the end, Amy got away with it even though there were gaps. So twisted and unexpectedly good even though some may find it yawn... you just have to listen, peeps!  

IMDb rating: 8.1/10
My rating: 4/5

Director: David Fincher
Casts: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry
Category: R rated; a 2014 American psychological thriller film

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