Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mom's 68th birthday

We celebrated mom's 68th birthday a couple of weeks ago with some meal and movie at Paradigm Mall. It was fun and easy with us, the children, busy window-shopping and catching Pokemon! LOL! To be honest, it's sis Alvina, bro Ryan and me lah! The youngest of the lot, bro Chris, was not interested but he does know the theories LOL! Mom was flabbergasted that her older children was so engrossed with Pokemon Go! LOL!
We had coffee here at Franco but not sure what happened to the art...
Lunch at Sushi Zanmai but the taste was off that day...
Dinner at a shop near home and the food was off too...
It was truly an enjoyable day and we had the most fun catching Pokemon! I think we had never played together like forever! Definitely a memorable day for me... I hope so it was for mom too...

We watched Skiptrace as mom is a Jackie Chan fan hence the reason why we were at Paradigm Mall as limited cinema was showing this movie then. Or else we would have been at Sunway Pyramid with more Pokemon to catch... oopsie Daisy :-)
The Lee Clan
And bro Ryan just had to do this.... Poliwag with mom!
Believe it or not, now our family group chat in Whatsapp has become Pokemon Go chat room LOL!

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