Monday, 25 July 2016

MPOV: Makan Channel

A new restaurant in the old neighbourhood so it's a must try for me especially since I've heard many rave reviews LOL!

Well, it is strategically located next to Maybank, facing the main road and Jaya 33 mall. The only slack part is parking as it is difficult to get a parking here, more so during peak hours.
The ambience is warm and cosy so having dinner alone is ok and I brought my book to accompany me.

I've ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung - specifically asked for 'not spicy' and it came with good kampung taste, no chilli but added black pepper which tasted really good. If only they had reduced the oil then it will be perfect.

My Teh Tarik - specifically asked for less sweet and it turned out just right but the tea tasted different, unlike the usual tea from mamak restaurants.

Price wise a little over the top for some on the menu but there are some on the low side so quite reasonable for all walks of life. My total bill was RM9.10 so it's fine with such comfy ambience.
Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I did enjoy having my dinner alone with my book while glancing at Catwoman, on their TV lah! They were on HBO channel :-)
Shisha corner
The only downside which I didn't quite like was the shisha corner. Yeap, for those who enjoy sucking in unnatural gas, you can check them out. Thankfully there was no yucky smell around me then!

My rating: 3.5/5

Location: next to Maybank, Jalan 14/14, Sec 14, PJ
Type: mamak + western style, no pork, no lard

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