Monday, 20 June 2016

[Unboxed] Prescription glasses from GlassesShop

Finally my order has arrived and I totally forgot about it! Well, it took a while to reach me since it's coming from China *sheepish grin* Yes, GlassesShop is based in China but the staff is professional and easy to liaise with.
The unassuming packaging :-) arrived a month later!
After unboxing it!
I quickly checked out the whole package and it was unbelievably right on. Also sturdily packed so no need to worry of broken lenses or frames. I was truly in awe that the frame was of good quality! Even the springy joints were good and did not awkwardly come off like some frames would. After trying it on, it seemed everything was alright including my prescription lenses...
Suits me or not???
I do like it a lot as it feels elegant and classy unlike my current plastic one. I'm happy to wear it for my everyday squinting, straining and staring LOL! Now I kinda regret not getting a prescription sunglasses... perhaps next round when I have the budget and the need for a bifocal lenses. Their affordable and cheap glasses do look expensive, mind you! Also their slogan 'Online Eyeglasses Doctor Quality' definitely fits the bill and they do live up to it; in my books thus far...

For those who are interested to get a pair, you can utilise the special coupon code below and get 50% off!!! You can have 50% off on any eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses; except for frames which are on sale ya...
Special Coupon Code - GSHOT50
This blog post has been written in collaboration with the good people at GlassesShop in exchange of my honest review.

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