Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My KonMari Journey: Miscellaneous (Furniture & Decor)

I seemed stuck in the previous miscellaneous' sub-categories for quite some time. I actually busted my timeline a few times and kept rescheduling it. There were weekends where I suddenly had some plans and there were weekends where I just felt overwhelmed and lethargic, sick even. So when I finally reached this last sub-category, I was thinking if I would be able to finish the last category, memorabilia, before my birthday.

Anyway, I have back-tracked many a times for sub-categories like bags, books, tools, towels and linens. I was just not satisfied. I seemed not to have found that 'click' yet. I don't seem to find it sparks joy. So in I go, rummaging through it again and repeating the cycle... sparks joy, donate, discard, sparks joy, donate, discard. It is not an easy feat and I do find it more challenging as I did each categories as the weeks passed by.
So for this sub-category, furniture/ decor, I did not take any photos since it's practically the furniture that I have in the house. Thankfully, not much moving was required as I have been happy with it's placement and it does sparks joy. Also I only have furniture that I need to use, no extras nor spares hence I do think I need to get some more like kitchen cabinet and shoe rack. That will be for a later phase after I've finished KonMari the whole house! Who knows, I might not need it after all in the end :-)

The only inconvenience would be the decor like lamps, picture frames, vases, etc as it is displayed everywhere so to actually collate it is a hassle LOL! Well, I'll try my level best and hoped that it will eventually sparks joy! Also, picture frames are part of memorabilia category, in my case, so it's a little complex for now. Currently, I seemed to have lost the will to KM and found more solace in my reading or crochet. Perhaps, my mind needs a break from it all... I have to divide and conquer!

So hopefully before the month ends, next, the last category... memorabilia! *fingers crossed*

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