Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My KonMari Journey: Memorabilia

Finally reaching the last milestone of KonMari, memorabilia. This, in my opinion, is the easiest as photos and memorabilias spark joy for me so I'll definitely keep it! The only problem would be the storing as I do have limited cupboards.
Initially, we didn't want to splurge on too many cupboards as it'll be bulky and occupying a huge space since our house is small. Looking at the amount of stuff we have, I'm surprised we can still walk around LOL! Now KonMari has helped to reduce those unwanted and unused stuff, enabling us to cherish what we have, donate to those who needs it and discard the spoilt ones. Honestly, finding hidden gems were the highlights for me as I thought I had lost some of those precious stuff. So thank you, Marie Kondo, for helping me finding joy!

Though I have reached the last milestone, I know it hasn't clicked yet so I would still need to do another round. Also, there are some stuck energy somewhere hence it would have caused the missing click. So I'll need to relook and redo, to thoroughly go through this final round and hopefully it clicks. No more wandering heart and mind... there had been too much distraction, keeping me off the KonMari track such as book sales, yam cha and shopping. I truly need to focus fully on it so friends, please, when I declined your invite, it's not because I want to avoid you but I really need to fully KonMari my house!

A year has passed and I have yet to fully KonMari my house... pfft! Imagine taking 1 year to spring clean the whole house! Well, this time it'll be shorter since I've KonMari about half the house. My target this time for the second overhaul is Christmas so that'll be another 6 months to finish it. Yes, I want a joy sparking home by Christmas! *fingers cross*

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