Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Eyeglasses Frames Online from GlassesShop

I have been wearing reading glasses for more than 7 years now. All thanks to my 'hazardous hobbies' which require me to squint, strain and stare LOL! It is true leh... according to my optometrist... I've been reading a lot plus I crochet and cross-stitch, not forgetting the computer, tab and mobile phone... hence causing my Hyperopia to come a calling early.
Definition of Hyperopia: a condition in which visual images come to a focus behind the retina of the eye and vision is better for distant than for near objects - called also farsightedness
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My current eyeglasses which I've worn for the past 3 years!
Recently, I had the opportunity to explore a different avenue in getting my new pair of prescription glasses. I would think it's a road less travelled, in this case, a less favourable option which is to purchase glasses frames online. Amidst all the online fears, it was actually an easy and convenient way to purchase with less hassle and traffic jams! Especially in the comfort of my own home...

Thanks to GlassesShop, I now have the opportunity to explore and get a new pair of eyeglasses online! There were so many designs to choose from with different materials and colours ranging from cheap glasses to premium ones and even prescription sunglasses! Also there were specifics and descriptions, all in detailed and easy to understand format, which honestly made it easy for me to pick and choose. I can also clicked on 'Tryon' to view it on a 'wearer' in 2D. All easy peasy with the clicking of a mouse!

So below were my shortlists:

Which one do you think I've gotten in the end?

Next, unboxing my new pair of eyeglasses!

For those who are interested to get a pair, you can utilise the special coupon code below and get 50% off!!! You can have 50% off on any eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses; except for frames which are on sale ya...
Special Coupon Code - GSHOT50
This blog post has been written in collaboration with the good people at GlassesShop in exchange of my honest review.

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