Saturday, 7 May 2016

My KonMari Journey: Miscellaneous (Bathroom)

This category took a longer time as I do have 3 bathrooms! LOL! Also, I do not store half of the listed items like towels, skin care products, make-up, toiletries and perfume in the bathroom. So it took some time for me to segregate it but it's mostly in the master bedroom for stock keeping which made it easier thankfully.
Honestly, once completed, I felt that it's actually easier as most of the items are in my master bedroom stored in my dresser and cupboard. The remaining items are in my bathrooms. Only managed to snap a pic of my vanity cupboard in the bathroom as once I've started working on it, everything else forgotten :-p
This is before... lazy to snap after though LOL!
After understanding the concept that every items are to be collated, categorised and kept in a designated place, this KonMari method totally makes sense now. Yes, we should keep items that spark joy which makes sense for clothes and books so we do not hoard but toilet rolls? shower caps? bath towels? Well, all the 'need to use' items are a necessity for me hence I'm keeping it all! Unless it's spoilt or expired :-)

Everything is at it's designated place. That's the most important of all.

Though I've tackled many categories, it's all my section so I still have hub's section to work on... perhaps at a later date though, mostly related to electronics/ gadgets/ games/ DVDs/ tools which I've actually shoved in their designated corners :-)

So next is Furniture / Decor.

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