Thursday, 12 May 2016

MPOV: Once Upon a Pledge

A lone woman biker comes to town.  She has no memory of her life. She only knows she is here to save a man. But how do you save someone who has been dead for over fifty years?

The above taken from Wattpad

Kudos to Arthur! He has a very authentic and original idea which was entertaining in my books. Although there were 2 different scenes, he managed to weave it in and out smoothly. I was able to catch up with the flow even though I've stopped for some time midway.

On the other hand, I have to get used to his prose as it's a little brunt and blunt at times. Also a little rushed at some point - maybe over excited as it was quite enthralling at that point - and quite a manly gung ho female protagonist which should be more feminine at times - unless she's supposed to be a tomboy. Well, I guess this is his trademark in writing, with a little brushing up and editing, it can be his bestseller.

Arthur has somehow reminded me of George R. R. Martin. TBH, I didn't enjoy Games of Thrones due to the way he writes but a lot of people liked it and it is a bestseller! So it doesn't matter if I didn't like Chin Ling to be tomboyish, the most important point is the story plot...

You can read it for free here:

My rating: 3/5
Author: Arthur Foo
Genre: mystery, thriller, action, adventure, fantasy

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