Wednesday, 4 May 2016

MPOV: Ninja Joe

Yeap... it's edible...

Nope... it's not a movie nor a person...

Well, I haven't been to this food joint in ages so we thought of giving it a try after they had shifted and re-branded their business.

It was late and they still welcomed us, no complaints and all. However, as we were new to their menu, I had to asked to understand it so a little slow here from the cashier. For one, the variety has increased with many accompanying flavours! So it was kinda hard to choose from and they even serve udon and rice now (unfortunately no rice and udon as it was near closing time)!

The food was served promptly with a good sized portion as opposed to the miniatures served previously (during their old, limited menu).
My burger, Cheesy Mushroom RM10.90
I was too famished to have snapped hub's Cheezilla LOL! Anyway, the patty, though tender, tasted a little of the freezer. It was kinda oily too with hub's patty trickling of oil. Thankfully, my mushroom sauce was tasty so I didn't get that oily taste much. 

Total bill was RM28 inclusive of a bottle of mineral water. Honestly, it felt as though I was having a roadside burger but in an air-conditioned mall instead hence I'm paying double just for the ambiance. Definitely costly in my books.

My rating: 2.5/5

Location: LG59, Tropicana City Mall
Type: non-halal

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