Friday, 6 May 2016

CSM: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and She's the BOSS Bazaar

This Mother's Day weekend, instead of splurging on expensive meals, why not do some charity instead? You can either help the cute animals or the supermoms, deets below...

 Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better:
7th May 2016 @ Jaya Shopping Center
8th May 2016 @ Setiawalk Puchong
You can view their Facebook page for more details:

She's the BOSS - A Women & Moms in Business Bazaar:
"She's the BOSS - A Women & Moms In Business Bazaar" is our theme name for this upcoming event.

In this platform we're bringing together Women & Moms who runs businesses together under one roof so they can bring their products & services to the marketplace. Those already with customers will get to meet them in person and those who wants to test the market & promote their businesses to create more awareness can do it here too.

This year, we're kicking off this event at The School @ Jaya One. The perfect place for family to gather. Please come support these hardworking Women and show your support to their small businesses.

The above taken from their Facebook event:

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