Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bangkok: day 2 part 2 and day 3

Picking up from day 2 of this Bangkok trip where the main visits were Chinatown and Hello Kitty House. I've posted Hello Kitty House earlier where you can read it here. So this post is of the remaining day before and after Hello Kitty House.

Grand Palace was actually the first on our list so after breakfast, we took the MRT until the last station, hoping to catch a tok tok there. Unfortunately, it was a wrong move as the driver seemed more insistent of us going through the boat ride towards the Grand Palace claiming that the Palace is closed and only opens in the afternoon. We can smell the "money making mind" working and trying very hard to get us onto the boat ride. So in the end, we ditched going to Grand Palace and walked over to Chinatown instead since it's nearby.

It was truly a sad morning trudging through Chinatown as everything has changed. It was different from the previous time many years ago where there were clothes, accessories and even gadgets. We seemed lost this time and couldn't find what we were looking for. After 3 hours or so in Chinatown, we finally left, hitching a tok tok ride to MBK. We were so lethargic and famished that we couldn't feel our feet LOL!
Really liked this mural in our hotel's elevator :-)
 Some of the sceneries while walking over to Chinatown:

Finally, a very late lunch at MBK's Food Court
After a brief walk and some shopping, we headed to Hello Kitty House via MRT (You can read about it here). We headed back to our hotel after that and had a very good rest before deciding where to have dinner.

I think dinner was the star of the day, definitely capped the end of day beautifully! This stall is just by the roadside and about 5 mins walk from our hotel. It may looked oblivion but the food was so yummylicious! It's definitely worth every single Baht!!!
It was fresh, meat was tender even though deep fried, overall very appetising
Just had to snap this electricity pole ;-)
As for day 3, there's nothing much going on except for a brief walk in a mall near our hotel. After that we headed to the airport for home. Time really flew by when we were enjoying ourselves. This is sad but very true. Until then, looking forward to the next holiday!

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