Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Waggymeal charity giftbox #atozchallenge

I've recently discovered a cool way to support animal shelters like Furry Friends Farm through WaggyMeal. I just need to purchase a giftbox for RM3 and it would be delivered to me within 10 working days! The giftbox is a box of goodies for my furkid and the full proceeds will go to the selected animal shelters. Easy peasy!

The only downside? We were allowed to purchase one box for one shelter only even though there were 5 animal shelters. So sad right? If only they had allowed one box for each shelters, we would be happy and it will be feasible especially for their delivery team. Also there's a delivery waiver for this purchase so it's totally cost consuming for not allowing more. Not sure why the untoward limitation when we are doing charity here.

Anyway, here's the special charity giftbox for my Minnie! Received it right on the dot on the 10th working day LOL!
Nice eh! Thanks WaggyMeal!
For more details, you can click on the link below:

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