Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bangkok: day 1 #atozchallenge

Our much awaited holiday finally arrived but this time around, 3 days 2 nights felt short... too fast... too soon. Well, beggars can't be choosers right? Anyway, we didn't explore much and we seemed to have wasted much time at Chinatown... not sure what went wrong. So as usual, splitting this into 3 posts but I think it'll be short and sweet.
Our breakfast as Nyonya Colours, KLIA2
Our lunch on board the flight
Day 1 was really short as we arrived at Palazzo Hotel at 3pm. So we immediately headed for a late lunch after checking in the hotel and freshen up.
Khao Kha Moo (Stewed pork on rice)
We had our favourite Khao Kha Moo but this time around, the recipe tasted different. The meat was not as tender either. After a not so hearty meal, we went for a walk and then headed for Huay Kwang MRT. We decided to go to MBK.
MBK was very alive with performances and many food stalls
This group of kids must be regulars here as they even have a private fan blowing at them
Blind date with a book!!!
So happy to have found this book shop in MBK!
Surprisingly, the mall was not as bustling as quite a number of shops were closed. Then we found out there was a raid on pirated goods hence these shops were closed. I was happy though as I finally found a book shop BUT the books they sell are ALL in Thai language. Go figure! There was a new anime shop on 7th floor, selling everything related to anime/ manga from cards to games to figurines. Unfortunately, I can't recall the shop's name but it was well advertised throughout the mall so you will not missed it.

By the time we left MBK, it was 10pm. Time really flies when we are enjoying it. We headed back to the hotel and hit the sack. Just too tired to explore the night market then.

Short and sweet right? Day 2 would be a little longer...

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