Friday, 18 March 2016

My Etsy shop

I’ve mentioned previously I was pondering about listing on Etsy and I’ve finally done it! Well it was a HUGE step for me as I’ve no confidence at all but what the heck… I’ll never know if I don’t try right?

It was truly a coincidence when I was thinking of it and suddenly The Artsy Crafty was promoting the Etsy Resolution 2016 on Instagram. From ‘perfecting our photography’ to ‘mastering the titles, tags and descriptions’ to ‘crafting our unique brand’ and ‘marketing our Etsy shop’, I have learnt a lot from the mentors on how to manage my Etsy shop.

Finally, with a leap of faith, ‘Susan Stitch Stuff’ was born! Still a lot to work on plus there are not many listings yet, will definitely perfect it and add more new items... slowly but surely… not an easy feat since it’s all handmade but I shall prevail J

Do drop by and check out my Etsy shop by clicking on the first banner on your right. Favourite either the shop or items if anything catches your fancy. You can ‘contact shop owner’  if you have any queries.

Thank you so much for your support!

Here’s the link:

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