Wednesday, 16 March 2016

FIL's first death anniversary

It was a beautiful day boarding the boat for father in law's first death anniversary memorial. Good sunny weather with clear sky, we completed our journey within 3 hours, in time for lunch :-) A round trip in Pangkor within half a day is part of our yearly agenda now. Here are some of the photos I've managed to snap while basking on the sun deck... just sceneries and market ya...

Rubbish... near 1 of the fishing village

A wet wholesale market
The next day we headed to an aunt's house to visit her garden so here are some pics of her bountiful garden!

I so wished I could carry some of it home! In the end, she was kind to give me 2 of her plants :-) I was overjoyed! So envy her blooming garden... truly a big sized 'green thumb' or 'green fingers'!!!

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